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Gravity Collection System

System with Open Type Dust Collector

System with Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Gravity Collection System

  • Mill Can be provided with Gravity Collection System as a continuous grinding system.
  • System consists of Feed Conveyor, Mill with Gravity Collection System, Rotary Air Lock Valve and Dust Collector (Open Type / Closed type Pulse Jet).
  • Here Mill is mounted at height of 2.5 Metres.
  • Different Feeding Conveyors available for Uniform & Consistent feeding to Mill.
  • Powdered material is collected through Rotary Air Lock Valve and Two Way Discharge.
  • Dust Collector is provided with filter bags for dust less environment.
  • Suitable for capacity up to 2000 kgs / hr for different applications.
  • System can be provided with chilled air for cool grinding and chilled water facility for retaining aroma, taste, properties of the material.
  • Suitable for frequent changeover of Products and Hygroscopic / Oily materials.
  • Rotary Air Lock Valve is provided for dust less environment.
  • Mild Steel, Stainless Steel Contact Parts & GMP Grade Systems available.

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