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Air Classifier Mill

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel contact parts & GMP Grade equipment are available.

Air Classifier Mill (Screenless Equipment) are ideally designed for micro fine particle size. High air through put, unique multi-tip rotor and serrated liners create numerous air-whirls, turbulence and progressive grinding. The direction and speed of particle is suddenly changed within extremely short period, resulting into turbulent collision between particles. This ensures micronized fine & free-flowing product. Air classifier controls the top cut size. Spices grinder and air classifier mill machines manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, dealers and traders in India and worldwide from Gujarat and Mumbai since 1960 as per the ISO standards with required industrial features and specifications

The great turbulence and high air volume ensure a minimum temperature increase facilitating handling of heat sensitive materials. Classifying retains coarser particles, while suction fan discharge very fine powder to the cyclone separator and very fine dust is collected in the bag filter unit. All mills are supplied with pneumatic conveying system.


Mill Category Screen Less
Model Type KCM – 11 KCM – 31 KCM – 61
Mill Motor Horse Power ( H.P. ) 10 - 15 30 - 40 60 - 75
Capacity ( Range ) kgs / hr / operation 100 to 2000
Maximum Permissible feed size (mm) 10 10 10
Fineness range 200 to 500 mesh BSS & Finer
Abrasiveness & Hardness handled Medium & upto 3 on Moh’s Scale

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